Pre order or back order items are items not yet in stock.
By purchasing an item of this kind, you are securing your allocation of the item.
Product listings will state the most recent ETA for delivery known.

All items that are on pre order/back order will clearly state so in their product listing.

If your order contains a pre-order item, we will determine whether to hold all other items in your order or ship what is available, based on the order value and/or timeframe for the pre order to arrive.

This is to save on shipping costs.

You will be notified if your order is a) partially sent and awaiting pre order or b) being held to be shipped in full.

If you receive a notification advising we will hold your order, and wish to receive the available items prior to the pre order arriving, please advise so we can organise the additional postage.


A model may not be available for a number of months from the time it is listed on our store, as there is a lengthy process that models must undergo before, during and after production, such as approval from sponsors, shipping, and customs hold ups.

Please Note: Model cars generally take 12+/- months to arrive into stock.

We depend on Model Manufacturers/Distributors to provide us with as much information as possible.

Price and ETAs are correct at listing, as advised by the manufacturing model company. Both are subject to change, which is governed by the distributor of the model, and not by our company.

If we are notified of a price change by the manufacturer/distributors, we will be in touch with all customers to inform them of this. Any price difference must be actioned before any goods can be shipped out. You will not be asked to pay the price difference until the pre ordered stock has arrived in our warehouse.

We aim to keep you as updated as possible regarding ETA and possible price changes, as information becomes available to us from our supplier.